Our new addition

Last year in November we discovered we were expecting a new addition to our family, we were pregnant!

This baby was planned and at 36 I knew this would be my last chance at having another child. We were of course very wary of having another child after all that Tiana went through with her heart defects but after speaking to our doctor we were happy that the chances of that happening again were very slim.

We found out I was pregnant very early on, at 4 weeks, so we had a long and nervous wait until we reached that 12 week mark and got to have our first scan.


we were relieved when our first scan was over and that so far everything looked good, we saw the consultant who explained that we would need more scans than usual to keep a close eye on baby and they would do a special scan later on in my pregnancy to make sure baby’s heart looked ok.

My pregnancy continued very smoothly but we just could not wait to find out the sex of our baby so I booked a private sexing scan with http://www.a4dbaby.com/

We were very excited to find out it was another boy we were having and Dylan, our eldest, was very happy that he was going to be a big brother.


At our 20 week scan, the sonographer took a very good look at our little boy’s heart and it was good news, everything looked perfectly normal but they still booked us in to have another scan just to look at the heart again, we got a call a week or so later to say that our local hospital , Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, would rather we had the detailed scan down at Great Ormond Street Hospital so we got that booked in for 3 weeks later and again at that scan we were reassured that everything was fine but they informed us that the defect that Tiana has been born with could not be detected on scans anyway so baby would need an Echo scan once he was born. That scan is booked for November this year.


We decided, as we had with Tiana, to get a private 4D scan booked in so we could see our little man in 4D so booked that in for when I was 28 weeks pregnant, the day came and we took both our children and my mum, it was so magical seeing our boy in 4D and watching him move around so much and pull faces in the womb.

Here is just one photo from our scan (we got loads and a dvd)



At my 32 week scan the sonographer noticed that baby’s growth had slowed right down so I would be scanned every 2 weeks until I went into labour but at 36 weeks growth had stopped completely so I was booked in to be induced at 38 weeks, this was a relief in a way as I had been 10 days late when I had both Tiana and Dylan.

Induction day came and I got to the hospital on the Sunday afternoon with the hopes of baby being born either later that day or on the Monday but induction kept being put off as the delivery suite had too many emergencies to deal with, I was very frustrated but understood it could not be helped. Monday morning came and again they were too busy to get labour going for me so again it was a waiting game. Finally at around 11pm Monday night the process was started but things didnt really progress so at around 4am I was moved over the labour ward to be put on a drip to get things moving, I then had my waters broken and had a wander around the hospital a while later. Not much was happening still so they kept upping the dose in the drip and finally the contractions started; I was determined to just have gas and air like I did with Tiana’s labour but once the contractions were coming thick and fast I could take no more and had an epidural.

Finally after things progressing very quickly in the final stage of labour our son Finley was born in the afternoon after 4 hours and 30 minutes of labour at 13:40pm weighing exactly 6lb .


Finley is now 7 weeks old, thriving and keeping mummy very busy, especially during the night


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